Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2004 Donruss Estrellas Tim Hudson

Who is this? Braves (and formerly A's) pitcher Tim Hudson.

What is this? An autographed 2004 Donruss Estrellas card.

Where'd I get it? Trade with

How much did it cost? Not much.

Why is this so special? This card came me via Andy from 78 Topps Cards who got it from avid from TribeCards who traded it for a book offered up by Andy on his 88 Topps Cards blog. Now it's with me and will not be going anywhere. Donruss Estrellas was a neat Spanish language set that Donruss put out in 2004. Pacific used to have the monopoly on Spanish language cards, but I guess Donruss picked up the banner when Pacific flopped. This is a simple, attractive set with a few insert sets to chase. I'm not sure exactly where the autograph came from though. There weren't any autograph inserts in that set so this is probably a TTM or spring training autograph. Or is it? Could this just be some fool scribbling on a card? Well, here's a bunch of autos for comparison. Let's see, Big loop to start off? Yep. Two lines for the H? Check. A smaller loop followed by a flourish at the end? Yessiree Bob. Eh, that's good enough for me. If it's not Tim, it's the work of a master forger and I'm a bigger fan of criminal masterminds than I am of All-Star pitchers. Don't count out a master forger creating this masterpiece, with some luck Tim might be able to come back from Tommy John surgery by the end of next year and then this sucker will be worth TENS of cents. Muahaha! I love when an evil plan comes together.

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Andy said...

This card is getting passed around like an STD. Glad to know it will live forever with you, dayf.