Saturday, February 9, 2008

2002 Topps Heritage Tom Brady

Who is this? Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

What is this? An autograph card from 2002 Topps Heritage, card HR-TB.

Where'd I get it? In a pack of '02 Heritage.

How much did it cost? Three bucks for the pack.

Why is this so special? It's a friggin' Tom Brady Autograph! So he lost, big deal. He is responsible for at least one championship this year. This came out of a pack of '02 Heritage that copied the 1957 Topps design. Brady managed to find a little bit of blank space in between the photos for his signature. This is one of the cards that inspired this blog. I have since found another autographed card that I'm even more embarrassed that I forgot I had. I'm saving it for a special occasion though. I've also decided that from now on I'm posting non-baseball autographs on weekends. I have a bunch of those too and I don't want to run out of baseball autos and post nothing but hockey cards I got out of a two dollar bin for a month.


Wax Heaven said...

Holy cow. Nice card. What does it book for?

dayf said...

No clue. I haven't bought a Football Beckett in a while.