Sunday, February 10, 2008

1986 Topps Andre Reed

Who is this? Bills wide receiver Andre Reed.

What is this? An autographed 1986 Topps card, number 388.

Where'd I get it? An auction at a card shop in Salt Lake City Utah.

How much did it cost? $1.50.

Why is this so special? I used to travel every week for work, so I'd scout out the local card shops. In Salt Lake City somewhere on the south side, there was a shop that had a weekly auction where customers could put a lot on the wall and other customers would bid on it. I ended up going to Salt Lake for a few weeks so I would go during auction day. It was pretty fun, there were usually about 5-15 people wandering through the store outbidding each other at the last minute before time ran out. I got this card in a lot of four autograph cards I won at the store. They were all hand signed '86 Topps cards and I specifically bid on it for the Andre Reed. The Kutztown State alum, longtime Bill receiver and future Hall of Famer has a really big signature on this card. Great looking sig on a card from one of my favorite football sets.

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