Friday, March 7, 2008

2002 Donruss Dee Brown

Who is this? Royals outfielder Dee Brown.

What is this? An autograph card from 2002 Donruss, card number RC11. It is from the Rookie Crusade insert set and is serial numbered 450/500.

Where'd I get it? Out of a pack.

How much did it cost? Couple bucks.

Why is this so special? Dee is kind of a fringy player but this is a pretty sweet looking card. Shiny refractor like purple with the outline of a dragon in the background? We meed more sets like this! I never quite understood the meaning of this insert set with knights and heralds and shields and dragons and such, not even when it first appeared in 1998 Donruss, but it does look cool. The shiny card has a shiny sticker certified by an authentic stamp crimping the card. No one does that anymore and it makes me sad. Instead of putting a tiny sticker on the card or guaranteeing the authenticity of the autograph with a facsimile signature on the back, I think the card companies should hire a notary public to personally crimp each card with their little crimpy authenticating seal thingy. I'm old school like that.

It's always nice to pull an auto out of some random pack picked up at a retail store, even if they guy isn't a star. It's a much better feeling than when you spend a bunch of money on a hobby box and you find out that this is your big hit. When I first pulled the card I thought of this guy. The baseball Dee never quite made the impact as the basketball Dee, but he managed to stick in the Royals organization for 7 years and is currently trying to make the Angels' roster. Dee's signature is pretty simple, buy consistent as seen in the Baseball Almanac link up above. Dee adds on his uniform number which is a nice touch. Dee's actual signature is done in only one stroke, but once you start adding octothorpes, that really adds a lot of work to the autograph. This is one of those autograph cards that popped up at me out of nowhere. I was looking for a card to send to Chris Harris in a big trade we just pulled off (and which you will be hearing more about very soon) and while looking through my 2001 Donruss set I found this card hiding in the 2002 cards. That's one of the reasons why I started this blog, to sort out all these hiding autographs I have. No more Donruss Box for Dee though, He gets to live with all my other formerly lost autograph cards on The Island of Misfit Autos.


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dayf said...

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Uglee Card said...

There's a lot of Dee Browns out there. The former Celtic, the former Illini superstar and this guy.
I don't know what to make of that, but it's true anyhow.