Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2008 Heavenly Vixen

Who is this? Why, it's a Heavenly Vixen, of course!

What is this? An autograph card straight from Heaven. The Florida branch of Heaven at least.

Where'd I get it? Came in the mail, completely unannounced.

How much did it cost? Not a thing. Completely gratis.

Why is this so special? This sorta came out of nowhere in the mail yesterday. The bad week I had last week didn't so much get worse yesterday as it merely got a lot more annoying. This was a welcome mailday treat to take my mind off things, and it came with another goodie I'll discuss on my other blog tonight. This card is hot off the presses too, the ink is just barely dry. Nice looking signature too, very abstract like a Picasso from the Guernica period. Numbered 3 out of 5, Dale Murphy's uniform number. Niice! This is a cool idea and a fun card. One of these days I'll quit being lazy and cheap with the printer ink and do something like this myself. Thanks to Mario and Tatiana for making my day and go check out their blogs and click on all the ads.

Oh wait, there aren't any ads... BECAUSE THEY'RE IN IT FOR THE LOVE, BABY! Yeaaah!

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Wax Heaven said...

Wow, thanks for the feature. I love this blog even more than Cardjunk for the awesome stories behind the card.