Friday, October 7, 2011

2010 Topps Jenrry Mejia

Who is this? New York Mets Pitching prospect Jenrry Mejia.
What is this? An autograph card from 2010 Topps.
Where'd I get it? Before a Buffalo Bisons' game against the Pawtucket Red Sox this spring.
How much did it cost? I got this card when I bought 2010 Topps Series two last year. I think I paid about $15 for the whole set.

Why is this so special? Jenrry was the Mets top pitching prospect before undergoing Tommy John Surgery to repair his torn medial collateral ligament in his elbow last spring.

Despite an apparent language barrier, Jenrry was very nice about signing autographs for fans before the game. In fact, Jenrry was generous enough to sign the 2010 Topps card, a 2009 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Card, a 2010 Bowman card, and a 2010 Topps T-206 card for me.

What makes Mejia so interesting to me is the fact that, according to his Wikipedia page, he did not begin playing baseball until he was 15 years-old, when he learned that it was a way to get rich. Then, just a few years after picking-up the sport, Mejia was signed as an International Free Agent by the Mets in April 2007 and made his Major League Debut just three years later, on April 7, 2009.

Although Mejia missed most of the 2011 season and could miss the start of the 2012 season, I sincerely hope that he will make a complete recovery and continue his remarkable baseball journey. Few players have accomplished so much in such a short time playing a sport, and only time will tell what Mejia is capable of doing when his elbow is back to 100% health.

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Paul Hadsall said...

I got a little nicer signature when I had Mejia sign my card last year,, but that was at a paid signing.

I hope that Mejia can come back from the surgery & contribute to the Mets' pitching staff, whether as a starter or a future closer.