Sunday, June 1, 2008

2007 TriStar Prospects Plus Michael Main

Who is this? Rangers first round draft pick Michael Main.

What is this? An autograph card from 2007 TriStar Prospects Plus, card number FF-MM.

Where'd I get it? Pulled from a blaster, it was in the top pack.

How much did it cost? One seventh the cost of the blaster, about three bucks.

Why is this so special? I thought this would be a nice easy post, good way to start off June, maybe even keep up with an autograph card a day, and then whammo. No information on this dude whatsoever. Ok, so I know he was the Rangers' first round pick last year. I know he was a high school pitcher from DeLand Florida, same place as Chipper Jones. I know he has a decent fastball and slider and he's a good enough batter that the Rangers could convert him to the field if they wanted. What I didn't know is why he hasn't pitched an inning all year long. Took me a while, but it turnss out he has a stress fracture in his rib and should be pitching soon. It seriously too me about a half hour to find that. My Google-fu is lacking.

The card itself is nice looking. The silver foil on black looks great although doesn't scan worth a crap. There's a nice big white space for the signature/sticker, a portrait of the kid and a team logo. Good stuff, and blasters of Tri-Star are still around with one or two autos a pop in them. Of course they're draft pick autographs so no one will really know who's good and who isn't for five years. Main looks like as good a prospect as any though and at least cares enough to put a little thought into the signature instead of doing the typical "3000 autographs to go" squiggle. Knowing the Rangers though, they'll probably trade him for a slugger before too long.

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