Tuesday, February 10, 2009

john wooden - through the mail success

Who is this? the wizard of westwood, former ucla basketball coach john wooden

What is this? an autographed photo from coach wooden

Where'd I get it? through the mail

How much did it cost? 4 stamps

Why is this so special? my son's school is using coach wooden's book "inch and miles, the journey to success" as the basis for their character education theme this year. coach wooden developed a 'pyramid of success' that is built with 15 different character traits that the students will try to emulate.

i thought it would be cool if coach wooden were to send my son a photo for him to share with his class as they go through the school year. i procrastinated, waiting until february to send the letter requesting the photo. it took only one week for me to receive the personalized, signed photo which was accompanied by another signed item - a 'pyramid of success' graphic.
coach wooden, of course, won 10 national titles in 12 years while coaching the ucla bruins from 1948 to 1975. he also won a national title as a player at purdue in 1932. he is widely regarded as the greatest coach in the history of sport, and he has continued to be a teacher into his 99th year.
my son and i both appreciate the photo and the chart, as well as the attention coach wooden has given to character development. thank you coach!


James said...

That's one of the best TTM autos I've seen in a long time. Very cool and great story.

Paula Steil said...

I am a elementary teacher and work closely with a colleague that eats, sleeps and drinks everything John Wooden. I have taught with Chris for 15 years. He has coached for about 25 years. He is truly my inspiration. This summer I am laid up with a bad break in my right leg (dislocation, 2 plates and multiple screws). He not only has driven me back and forth but has also helped organize my office, gym and life. Chris has almost everything Wooden has ever written. As a teacher and a coach he lives his life through Wooden's word. I can't think of any other way to show my thanks and appreciation better then getting him a autograph from John Wooden. Is there a way I could obtain a the Pyramid Of Success poster? I could frame it and hang it in his office for everyone to see. Please let me know if I need to contact some else to honor my request.
Paula Steil
Park View School
6200 Lake St.
Morton Grove, IL 60053