Monday, August 25, 2008

1999 Hillshire Farms Harmon Killebrew

Who is this? Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew.

What is this? An autograph card available as a promotion from from Hillshire Farms.

Where'd I get it? EBay seller larryvan.

How much did it cost? $2.99.

Why is this so special? A Killer autograph for three bucks? WTF? Yep, just three bucks for this card. This was originally a promotion from Hillshire Farms where you send in four bucks and some proofs of purchase and you can get an autographed Hall of Famer card. The four choices were Killer, Ernie Banks, Frank Robinson and Willie Stargell. How did I miss all these card promotions in the '90s?? I would have bought some smoked sausage for an autograph of Pops. These cards don't seem to be real popular now though. There were several companies who did similar promos and the cards can usually be found for well under 20 bucks. Try finding a Killebrew autograph out of Sweet Spot or Goudey for that price, I'll never happen. I'ts a good looking card too, there's a gold foil border and name around the picture that doesn't show up too well and there's full career stats and a short bio on the back. Yeah, the Twins logo is airbrushed out. Suck it up. It's an autograph of Killer! He hit 573 home runs, and you can find an autograph from him online right now for the price of a pack of Bowman Chrome. And it's a Hall of Fame signature too, just look at that beauty. The card isn't even wilkerized, not that there's anything wrong with that. I don't understand this hobby sometimes. People snap up Bowman SuperMegaCrazyFractors of Double-A pitchers recovering from Tommy John surgery, and leave oddball food cards from Hall of Famers in the bargain bin to gather dust. I'll take Harmon any day.

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