About the authors: Paul

My name is Paul, and I write about the New York Mets, the Newark Bears, baseball cards and other random stuff at Paul's Random Stuff.

Last year, dayf invited other autograph collectors to contribute to Auto-Matic for the People and I took him up on his offer. I wrote a few posts, but other distractions (baseball season, for one) kept me from contributing in the way that I hoped.

Since last winter, I've tried to post new autographs here on a regular basis. While the main focus of my autograph collection is a project to obtain a signed baseball card from everyone who's ever played for my favorite team, I have a lot more autographs in my collection.

So as you look through my posts here, you'll find a lot of minor leaguers - some that I saw on the way up, more that I saw on the way back down. You'll also find major leaguers, guys who retired before I was born and even a few non-baseball autographs... I hope that you find it at least a little bit interesting.

If you want to contact me, you can reach me by email at PaulsRandomStuff@verizon.net or on Twitter @PaulsRandomStuf (Please note that I'm not looking to trade the autographs in my collection at this time.)