Thursday, July 22, 2010

2009 Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Jim Ed Warden

Who is this? Southern Maryland Blue Crabs pitcher Jim Ed Warden
What is this? An autographed card from the 2009 Southern Maryland Blue Crabs team set
Where'd I get it? Warden signed it for me at a game in Newark earlier this year.
How much did it cost? I think the team set was around $6.
Why is this so special? Jim Ed Warden was a sixth round draft choice of the the Cleveland Indians in 2001. He progressed through the Cleveland system, making it to AAA Buffalo in 2007. He played in the Washington Nationals system in 2008, but was looking for a job in 2009.

Warden found himself closing games for Butch Hobson's Southern Maryland Blue Crabs at the start of the year, but he did well enough that the Mets signed him during the summer. He pitched for Binghamton and Buffalo, and put up some nice numbers. The Mets didn't offer him a job this year, so Warden is back with the Blue Crabs and hoping for another shot.

Now 31, Warden will have a harder time convincing a major league organization to give him that chance... but it would be nice if he gets it.

Warden has one of the more unusual autographs I've seen. "Jim Ed" is written carefully, but his last name is rushed and a bit of a challenge to decipher.


zman40 said...

What an interesting name.

I love the purchased by Mets banner on the card, too.

pete27 said...

Last year at the All Star game I actually sat behind the scout who signed him for the Mets and had a nice conversation with him throughout the game.

Paul said...

@zman40 A few of the Atlantic League teams like to do that. It's a nice touch.

@pete27 I though he got signed at the All-Star game last year, but I didn't remember for sure.

Kevin said...

I'm going to my first Atlantic League game next Friday with my girlfriend, as the Blue Crabs host the Revolution. Looking forward to it! I'll have to pick up a team set, I guess.

In checking the team rosters, I see that ex-O's Damian Moss and Matt Riley are with the Revs. I might pick up a few of my own autographs :)

pete27 said...

He was signed a few weeks prior to the All Star game. I'd actually be very interested in this card if you'd be willing to trade it, along with one of the Joe Winkelsas cards.

Paul said...

@Kevin Enjoy the game - of the six Atlantic League parks I visited, Regency Furniture Stadium was my favorite. I'm not sure if the Blue Crabs are putting out cards this year - I only see 2008 & 2009 sets for sale on their web site. There are a number of returning players in last year's set, though.

@pete27 I'm not interested in breaking up a team set, but I'll email you about the Winkelsas cards.