Monday, July 19, 2010

2006 Topps John Rodriguez

Who is this? Long Island Ducks outfielder John Rodriguez
What is this? An autograph card from the 2006 Topps set
Where'd I get it? Rodriguez signed it for me at a game between the Ducks and Bears in Newark earlier this year.
How much did it cost? I must have gotten it out of a pack.
Why is this so special? John Rodriguez began his career with the New York Yankees organization in 1996, when he signed as a free agent. He eventually reached the majors with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2005, serving as a reserve outfielder. He was there in 2006, too, and was on the post-season roster.

So he was there when Yadier Molina homered off of Aaron Heilman in the top of the ninth inning of NLCS Game 7, and when Carlos Beltran looked at a curve ball from Adam Wainwright in the bottom of the ninth inning for called strike three to end the game. He was there for the celebration, and he was there for the World Series victory over Detroit too. But unless he makes his way back, Rodriguez's one World Series at-bat will prove to be his final appearance in a major league game.

Rodriguez's autograph appears to be his initials and a cross.

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