Sunday, May 16, 2010

2003 SP Chirography Jim Edmonds

Who is this?
Milwaukee Brewers centerfielder Jim Edmonds.

What is this? An autograph card from the 2003 SP Chirography set.

Where'd I get it? I bought it off eBay a few months ago.

How much did it cost? I don't remember exactly how much it cost, but I remember it being fairly cheap, maybe around $3 plus shipping.

Why is this so special? Jim Edmonds has always been one of my favorite players, simply because he is such an amazing outfielder. So far he has won 8 Gold Gloves in his 16 year career, and he has been know for making some of the most amazing catches in baseball history. The one that most people remember was the one he made while playing for Anaheim against the Royals on June 10, 1997 to rob a sure double.
Edmonds is hitting .280 with 3 homers in 27 games this season for the Brewers, which isn't bad for a guy who didn't even know if he'd be playing this season.
Edmonds has a very nice and distinctive auto. He has an interesting way of making the d's in his last name, but I really like his signature.


Paul said...

Welcome to Auto-Matic!

Is it just my imagination, or did Upper Deck put the auto sticker on upside down?

pete27 said...

Thanks Paul!

There actually isn't a sticker, it's an on-card auto. If you're asking in the case of the auto, that's just what Edmonds auto looks like.

Paul said...

I'm not used to seeing on-card autographs from Upper Deck; I think that threw me more than Edmonds' unusual signature. ;)

pete27 said...

It is a little unusual, but I kinda like it haha.