Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1997 Bowman R.A. Dickey

Who is this? Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey
What is this? An autographed card from the 1997 Bowman set
Where'd I get it? A trade with Pete27  

How much did it cost? I gave up a Brian Reith autograph to get it.  

Why is this so special? R.A. Dickey will make his Mets debut in less than an hour, taking over Oliver Perez's roster spot. Dickey will be the first starting pitcher in Mets history who goes by initials, and he'll be one of a very few knuckleballers to take the hill for the Metrolpolitans.

Aside from a spring training appearance or two, I've only watched R.A. Dickey pitch once. That one game was a gem. After giving up a leadoff single, Dickey set a Buffalo Bisons record by setting down the next 27 batters in order. SNY really picked a great game to broadcast!

The Mets will be Dickey's fourth major league team. He made his debut with the Rangers in 2001. He also pitched for Seattle and Minnesota. He's got a 22-28 lifetime major league record with a 5.43 ERA.

I can't really make out any letters in the signature, but that's not exactly unusual with modern players.


pete27 said...

Dickey is pitching pretty well so far, and he made that awesome diving catch for the first out in the bottom of the first.

Angel Pagan with an inside-the-park-homer, a run saving diving catch, and the shoestring catch to start the triple play. Pretty awesome...

Paul said...

That was one of the more interesting Mets losses of the season. You don't see that many inside the park home runs, and I think that's only the third triple play I've ever seen in over 20 years of watching games.

I thought Dickey did fairly well, but I hope he can cut down on the baserunners next time.

I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to post a card Thursday or Friday, so if anybody else does want to post one it would be appreciated. :)

pete27 said...

Just put a card up. Hopefully I'll have some more to post on the weekend from the game tomorrow.