Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1997 Leaf Signature Series Mike Stanton

Who is this?
Mike Stanton, a former relief pitcher

What is this? An autographed card from the 1997 Leaf Signature Series

Where'd I get it? At the card show last weekend.

How much did it cost? $2. The guy I bought this from had some more Leaf Signature Series cards, but you'll be spared another run of obscure 1990s ballplayers like I had in November. After buying the Johan Santana card I posted Monday, I didn't have a lot of cash left.

Why is this so special? Mike Stanton spent 19 years in the majors, and he appeared in 1,178 games. At various points in his career, he was a setup man, a closer and a lefty specialist. He even started one game for the Yankees in 1999.

Stanton appeared in six World Series and won three rings. He made the All-Star team once, in 2001. Most will remember Stanton as a Yankee or a Brave, since those were the two teams where he enjoyed the most success. He also pitched for the Red Sox, the Rangers, the Mets, the Nationals, the Giants and the Reds.

Stanton's autograph is a little sloppy on this card, but it's pretty cool. You can almost make out all the letters in his name, and he's got a neat way of connecting the "S" and "t" in his last name.


zman40 said...

Looks like Mike was about ready for a new Sharpie when he signed that card.

I like the new look. Did you do that?

dayf said...



Whoever did that gets an auto. Someone e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

I thought we needed a new title image, so I put this one together last night. I'm glad the reaction is positive so far.