Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Kansas City Royals Postcard Mitch Maier

Who is this?
Mitch Maier, an outfielder for the Kansas City Royals

What is this? An autographed Kansas City Royals postcard

Where'd I get it? Zach of Autographed Cards sent it to me; I think he probably got it signed at the Kansas City Royals fan fest.

How much did it cost? You'd have to check with Zach

Why is this so special? When I went to out new Yankee Stadium last year, I saw the Yankees play a couple of games against the Kansas City Royals. The fans in left field abused Mitch Maier mercilessly, but I liked him. He hustled in both games that I saw.

Of course, hustle only gets you so far. He hit .243, with a .333 on base percentage and a .331 slugging percentage in 127 games last year. Hopefully he will have a better season in 2010.

I find it interesting the Maier was drafted as a catcher and converted to third base before finally settling in as an outfielder.

I'm not sure when or why Maier switched to uniform number 12. He was wearing number 35 when I saw him last season, but he signed number 12 next to his signature.


zman40 said...

Nice catch on the number change. I didn't notice that. On a similar note, Trey Hillman will be wearing 88 this season.

zman40 said...

I forgot to mention that with the way the Royals have been stockpiling outfielders this off-season, Mitch will probably be wearing 12 in Omaha.

As for the cost, I guess you could say it was part of the $14 entrance fee. I would have gotten a card signed, but every Mitch Maier card I own is already signed.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Zach. I'm happy to have an autograph from Mitch Maier to remember my trip to Yankee Stadium.