Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2007 Columbus Clippers Mike Bacsik

Who is this?
Mike Bacsik, a former major league pitcher with the Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals

What is this? An autographed card from the 2007 Columbus Clippers set

Where'd I get it? I got a partial team set with a few already-signed cards in a trade

How much did it cost? I don't remember what I gave up

Why is this so special? Bacsik is best known as the pitcher who gave up Barry Bonds' 756th home run.

He is the son of former major league pitcher Mike Bacsik, who pitched for the Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twins in the 1970s.

The younger Mike Bacsik earned his first major league win for the Mets in 2002.

Unless he played overseas last year, I believe Bacsik is now out of baseball. According to his Wikipedia page, Bacsik now works for a Dallas-area sports talk radio show.

Bacsik has an extremely legible autograph for a modern player.

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James said...

That is a nice sig and great to see old Cooper Stadium in the background.