Friday, January 7, 2011

1994 Signature Rookies James Mouton

Who is this? former Houston Astros outfielder James Mouton
What is this? An autograph insert card from the 1994 Signature Rookies set
Where'd I get it? I bought it from a dealer at the local baseball card show last year.
How much did it cost? $1

Why is this so special? While there had been some attempts at autographed insert cards before Signature Rookies came onto the scene in 1994, they took it to a new level. Every pack had an autograph of a prospect who you hoped would be the next Ken Griffey Jr.

James Mouton may not be a household name for most baseball fans, but he had a better career than many who signed cards for Signature Rookies. He spent parts of 8 seasons in the big leagues as a part-time outfielder, mostly for the Houston Astros. He stole 109 bases despite having only 386 hits during his major league career.

Mouton had a very legible autograph when he signed this card... though I wonder how it looked by the time he reached card #5,250.


Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I always wondered if they made these guys sign them all in one day, of if it was over a week.

LoCoDe said...

I remember when Mouton was a hot prospect playing in AAA for the Tucson Toros. When they came through Vancouver he signed a bunch of cards for me and anyone else who had one. Super nice guy, shame he never became a star.