Saturday, May 3, 2008

Flaming Carrot #30 Ashcan Edition Signed by Bob Burden

Who is this? The Flaming Carrot.

What is this? An ashcan edition of Flaming Carrot #30 autographed by Bob Burden.

Where'd I get it? Offa eBay.

How much did it cost? I want to say about $12 but it's been a couple years and I forget. More than ten but less than twenty bucks.

Why is this so special? I'm mixing it up for Free Comic Book Day. Hell y'all are just glad I finally posted something! Flaming Carrot is about my favorite comic book ever, it manages to skewer the insipid superhero genre while maintaining a healthy surreal atmosphere full of Zen. Burden lives in Atlanta and is a fellow UGA alum. Flaming Carrot made his debut in Visions Magazine in 1979 and got his own magazine in '81. After a good run in the 80's FC was discontinued until it was relaunched in 2005. Only 5 issues have come out since then, but I've got my fingers crossed for more.

This is a promo copy signed and numbered by Bob. The back of the Ashcan comic has a sketch by Burden as well! This bald fellow with the long nose seems to have the gritty determination of his fellow Iron City denizens. Bob's art is idiosyncratic, but the unpolished feel adds a lot of the charm to the books. Bob Burden is a master at capturing the essence of trashy women with 80's haircuts (don't believe me? check out the covers for issues 7, 10, 13 and especially 20) yet can also express his genius in a more nuanced way. There hasn't been much new FC stuff our since Bob got ill a couple of years ago, but I'm waiting patiently. Get well Bob, I'll be playing some Jarts in the meantime.

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