Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2005 Upper Deck USA Baseball Mark Romanczuk

Who is this? Team USA pitcher Mark Romanczuk.

What is this? An autograph card from 2005 Upper Deck USA Baseball I think. I'm pretty sure this is from the Team USA box set, but UD sprinkles Team USA cards all over their products so I'm not sure. Card numer J-34, serial numbered 028/275.

Where'd I get it? Atlanta Sports Cards.

How much did it cost? Three buckaroonis.

Why is this so special? It's Olympics time, so I felt compelled to post a Team USA autograph. Unfortunately I traded away my only one a few months ago. Oops. I had a meeting for work yesterday though, which means I had an excuse to hit my favorite cross-town card shop and pick up some goodies without feeling guilty for burning all the gas it takes to get there. So who is he? Mark is a lefty hurler who played college ball for Stanford (apparently when he was 4 years old according to the Baseball Cube). He was drafted by the Diamondbacks, missed the 2006 season with an injury to his ulnar nerve, and now is pitching for the St. Paul Saints. Mark's signature is scraggly but bold, very appropriate for a lefty. I'm wondering how this card was manufactured now that I look at it. It looks like the card was originally two cards, one die cut for the auto and jersey and the other with a blank side. UD must have had Mark sign the blank side, then glued the jersey swatch above it and finally glued the two halves together. The devious part of my brain wants to pull out the X-acto knife and reverse engineer this card, but so far I have been able to restrain myself.

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darkship said...

All the UD Team USA autos I've seen make me want to pull them apart! You're not the only one. I did find a jersey card at the bottom of a box that had book in it and was incredibly beat up that I took apart to I could see how they are put together......paper, glue, and a nickel size circular piece of jersey. Oh well it was fun to do!