Friday, October 8, 2010

2009 Long Island Ducks Schedule: Bill Simas

Who is this? Long Island Ducks pitching coach Bill Simas
What is this? An autographed pocket scheduled featuring Bill Simas
Where'd I get it? Simas signed it for me at a Newark Bears game this summer
How much did it cost? It was free.

Why is this so special? Bill Simas spent six years as part of the Chicago White Sox bullpen from 1995-2000, appearing in a total of 308 major league games. He continued to play in the minor leagues and eventually found his way to the Long Island Ducks.

Last year, Simas won the Atlantic League Closer of the Year award by leading the league with 27 saves. He retired and became the team's pitching coach in 2010. Pitching shortages led him to return to the field. He earned another four saves to add to his franchise-leading total.

Simas does not have a very pretty autograph, but with a little imagination you can make out his initials.

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